Life of the grand universe is playing the music of the celestial bodies,

While the leaves are rustling in the breeze.

It is not that the leaves move according as the wind blows,

But the leaves and the wind are left in the air to frolic.

There is no hierarchical relationship between them.

Both are dancing to the rhythm of the universe.

Everything free and pleasant surrounding life is a ‘play’.

Josaburo Ogino 

 Philosopher, Ph.D.

Yoshikuni Katsu

Different peoples, different cultures, and different beliefs keep conflicting on Earth under the same sky.

They are just like one sky reflected on many different water surface, small ponds and tiny puddles.

On each surfaces will rest the single moon, again reflecting strong sunlight that makes dark shadows.

When we notice mild moonlight on water, spontaneous tears lead us to prayer of peace, forgiving and accepting.

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@2015 by One sky one world project