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Thank you for joining us in this 11 September 2016 event. It was a very productive and an enjoyable one. We got a lot of ideas and suggestions from you.  

We are looking forward to holding another event in the future. Kindly stay tuned and visit this website to know more about our upcoming events.

10 Sep 2016

One Sky, One World, together with our supportive guests, celebrates World Peace Day 2016 in partnership with International Day of Peace (IDP) Amsterdam.

16 Jan 2016

An art event and tea ceremony by Dutch and Japanese artists to share One Sky and contemplate on harmony together with guests.

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This project is promoted by NPO Rebalance Kyoto and Project Japan. 

We sincerely thank to the Japan Embassy in the Netherlands for their kindness to let us borrow the tatami mats, tea ceremony utensils and flower vases, etc.

"One Sky, One World 2016" is an art event including art exhibition, music concerts, and original tea ceremony with Houjicha (roasted tea) and Japanese sweets and pickles, jointly held by Dutch and Japanese artists, inviting us all to share One sky and contemplate on harmony.


"One Sky, One World 2016" は、オランダと日本のアーティストの共同開催によるアートイベントで美術展、音楽コンサート、焙じ茶と菓子・漬物による茶会が盛り込まれ、われわれ皆が1つの空を分かち合い、調和におもいをはせるようにと誘う催しです。

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