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on Sunday 11th Sep 15:00-22:00

Oude Luthers Kerk in Amsterdam

Please join us in the celebration of World Peace Day 2016 ahead of its official date of September 21.

During this event, different people gather in order to celebrate. There will be a flag ceremony to recall and pray for all the 200 flags approved by the United Nations. The event will have different programs relating to world peace.

We will host a tea ceremony and "Mikumari" will be served as the ritual sweets standing for the ties of our earthlings’ consciousness concerning water, the origin of life. 

Mikumari is the name of a god appeared in Kojiki, the oldest  Japanese history book. Mikumari conducted the distribution of water and symbolized the way the rain water as heaven’s bliss flows down and gets distributed. In later ages, the god of Mikumari came to be called the "god of Mikomori" because of the similar sounds. The noun "mikomori" means "conception" that is why the god of Mikomori is worshipped as the "god of pregnancy and safe birth". We hope that through this ritual sweet, you will think about the harmony found in sharing that he has given and limited things among us. 

Hiroya Fujii, a Kimono designer who is also a project member of One Sky, One World, will also showcase several Kimono during the event along with the concept of One Sky, One World.

We hope to see you at the event. Feel at home and enjoy the relaxing smell of Japanese tea.


This project is promoted by NPO Rebalance Kyoto and Project Japan. 

We sincerely thank the Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands for their kindness to let us borrow the tatami mats, tea ceremony utensils, etc. 

and support. You can visit their website.

Naomi Sato

Naomi Sato

Hiroya Fujii

Hiroya Fujii

Yuko Ogino

Yuko Ogino

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